Meet the Horses
Hank is the original inspiration for LVS. He was rescued in 2011 and in need of rehabilitation. After addressing his malnutrition and arthritis, Hank embarked on 60 days of professional training with local trainer Tracy Auch. Today, Hank is more confident, relaxed and sound. A very special thank you goes to Tracy for her expertise, patience, creativity and willingness to work with all of us to improve Hank's life.

He is very social and is the first to greet you or another horse. He is intelligent, curious, willing, affectionate and a diplomatic herd leader. He loves to be pampered by us and surrounded by other horses.

Hank is a Missouri Fox Trotter and is 23 years young.

While Hank was going through rehabilition and training, we were searching for a pasture mate for him. The Universe aligned and brought us Dancer.

Dancer's previous owner was ready to rehome her so she became part of our little herd. She has a gentle, sometimes silly disposition and loves ear rubs. In her younger days, she was used for just about everything - showing, roping, trail riding, etc. Today, she is still sure-footed and can stop on a dime when at play in the pasture.

Dancer is a Morab and is 25 years young.

Marna joined LVS in 2015. She is a true princess who will avoid wet feet, mud and other non-lady like offenses through and through. We always try to treat her like the princess that she is.

Prior to coming to LVS Marna was a school horse and used for dressage. Still a beautiful mover, she receives compliments regulary for her beauty and grace. She is very recieptive to our leadership and looks to us for guidance and assurance. 

Marna is an Arab of Egyptian lines and is 22 years young.


Nattie is the oldest and wisest of the horses at LVS. She came to us along  with Marna in 2015.

She is an indepent horse, but enjoys the company of the rest of the herd. Nattie has special needs associated with with caring for a senior horse. She is fed a nutritous mash three times a day along with specially shredded hay that we prepare for her.

She was once one of the best trail horses around and we are honored that her previous owner chose LVS as the place to retire her. We hope that she is with us for years to come.

Nattie is believed to be a Tennesse Walker and is 38 years of age.
Charlie is the newest resident of LVS. He was retired by his owners in May of 2017 and immediately settled into his new home. He enjoys being in the presence of other horses and is especially fond of Hank.

Charlie is gentle, intelligent and very sweet. He requires extra attention due to special needs associated with arthritis, a clubfoot, dental health and age.

Charlie is a Quarter horse and is 28 years of age.