UPDATE: LVS and it's waiting list is currently full. Please check back for updates.
When space is available, you can retire your equine partner at LaValley Sanctuary. All parties privately retiring a horse at the sanctuary must request and submitt a retirement application and pay a one time minimum admittance fee. Additional contributions are tax-deductible. It's our experience that roughly 30% of your retired horse's care will be covered by the admittance fee paid by you at the time of retirement. The remainder of their care is guaranteed by LVS through the generous donations we recieve from the public, grants and through our fundraising events.


Please read the information available here about our program. After you have read it and are still interested in retiring your horse, please contact us for an application.

Your honesty in answering the questions on the application is truly appreciated. Please know that no answer to any question on the application either secures or denies your horse a place at LVS.

What determines admittance:
Space is limited at LVS so the first factor is if there is an opening.

We never allow our number of residents to rise above the amount of shelter, pasture and funding we have available in order to provide quality care. Unfortunately, this means we are often at full capacity.

When space is available, filling it is based on who has been on our waiting list the longest, as well as admitting a horse that is similiar to the one that was most recently laid to rest and urgent matters of neglect or abuse.

A minimum age of 18 yrs is required for admittance through our retirement program (at times we are able to make an exception, please inquire). Once admitted, LVS becomes the legal gaurdian of the horse and the horse will have a safe place at the sanctuary to live out the rest of their days.
The decision about where to retire your equine partner is never easy. If your horse’s safety, health, lifestyle and well-being are important to you, then LVS may be the right fit. 

Upon retiring  your equine partner, LVS agrees to:

Obtain legal rights and ownership of the horse.
Love and respect the horse at all times.
Offer a peaceful, quiet retirement sanctuary for the horse.
Provide a safe and natural habitat for the horse.
Provide a clean, adequate shelter and bedding when necessary.
Provide water, pasture, hay as well as supplements and special feed when necessary.
Provide grooming and daily wellness checks.
Provide blanketing, fly spray and treatment of minor, superficial wounds.
Provide regular hoof trimming, farrier needs and routine veterinary care.
Provide simple emergency care and diagnostics as well as deal with life threatening injuries or illnesses with a veterinarian of our choice.
Determine when treatment will be considered prohibitive and therefore not an option.
Consider euthanasia as an option only when, in conjunction with a licensed veterinarian, it is determined the horse no longer has Quality of Life.
Provide a proper burial for the retired horse.
Notify you when the horse passes away.

We began building our facility in 2015. When funds are available, we
continue to add shelters, pastures and develop our paddock paradise.

If you'd like to make a tax-deductible contribution to benefit our efforts please use the button below or feel free to contact us.